Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Adam started the blame game, and we still play it well. “God, it’s the woman you gave me” is a difficult attitude to escape. Pointing the finger at the other person is far easier than accepting responsibility.

It’s OK to be wrong, to make mistakes, to fail. It doesn’t mean that I am a mistake or a failure. We have to separate the action from the person. It is far more important to be happy than to be “right,” I learned in recovery. You don’t have to have a mentor to understand the defining moments in your life, but mentoring provides counsel and wisdom that enable you to see your purpose, broadens your choices, and strengthens your character to be all who you are meant to become. It is a two-way relationship that creates a roadway where the older and wiser passes life lessons on to the younger and ignorant. We’re talking about a worthwhile friendship that is meant to last a lifetime and leave a legacy of eternal value. Both parties benefit.

Your destiny is what is meant to be. Your purpose is the intent or determination of your heart. Meaning is the message. It is the significance of or reason behind your goal. Your goal is the target or task set before you. It is dependent upon your destiny, purpose, and meaning.

Joy’s destiny is heaven; her purpose is to help people who hurt. Her meaning for living is Jesus, and her goal is to counsel those in need of her gift of encouragement. My destiny is Heaven; my purpose is to use my gift of encouragement. My meaning for living is to have fellowship with God in Jesus, and my goal is to use my gift in any capacity. I wake up with purpose every day and see significance in everything that happens and what God places before me.

In my capacity as wife and mom, I am loving, encouraging, supporting, and speaking life into the situation. I am not perfect. I can just as easily cross over into an unsightly space if I don’t take care of myself.

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