Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Mentoring brings you to your zenith and keeps you there. When Edith walked into Maria’s office, little did they know how far their relationship would take them. But they both perceived in their spirits a sense of well being with each other, kind of like they were meant to meet. They both acted on this. When Maria needed an assistant to accompany her on one of her mission trips, Edith filled the position. When Edith needed someone help her deal with what was going on around her and inside of her, Maria was a safe person to vent with.

Maria’s wisdom, integrity, and willingness to share her life with Edith helped catapult Edith into a God-ordained position of fulfilling His purposes in her life. During the 11 years, their trusted friendship developed into such a meaningful relationship that Maria mentored Edith and brought about a depth of maturity where Maria felt safe enough to pass her ministry on to Edith. Edith runs the ministry with the same spirit passed on to her through Maria, all for the glory of God.

As I am in this moment of time, so shall I be when I get to heaven. That thought makes me want to be my best at all times. This doesn’t mean that I am perfect or have to act perfect.

God left a lasting legacy through the relationship between Elijah and Elisha. In 1 Kings 19:12-21, He spoke to Elijah in a still voice in the wilderness and told Elijah to anoint Elisha. Elijah crossed over to Elisha and cast his mantle upon him. Elisha got up and followed Elijah.

Elijah trained Elisha for years, and when Elijah ascended his mantle fell. Elisha took it and continued the same task God had put before Elijah, which was to destroy Baal worship in Israel.

Elijah’s past became Elisha’s present as Elisha acted upon what he learned from Elijah. Then, before he died, Elisha passed God’s calling on to Jehu. This story is an outstanding example of mentoring in its finest form. This relationship is all about God.

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