Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

“When I think of Aunt Jen, I think of a person who loves the Lord and loves her family. She is the organizer of many a family get together, and is usually the one orchestrating the whole fiasco or event. Whether it is playing hand-and-foot or writing Thanksgiving poetry, Jen is always coming up with creative ways to improve our family togetherness.

“I am so thankful for the close-knit family we have and grateful for Jen’s efforts to keep it that way. Although I’ve known Jen for my entire life, I have become infinitely closer to her in the past seven months. Jen has been a shoulder to cry on, a personal mentor, a spiritual leader, and a book-writing partner for me.

“She helped me get through the most difficult time of my life and motivated me to turn it into something positive. Jen’s encouragement and amazing ideas have opened so many doors and created incredible opportunities for me. I cannot express my gratitude for her help, and I am excited for what lies ahead as she hopefully continues to work with me and be my ‘manager.’

“So after many meetings at Einstein’s Brother’s Bagels, Starbucks, and Jen’s home, I have developed a new appreciation for the wonderful woman who is my aunt. I am so blessed that God put Jen in my life, and I look forward to getting to know her even better in the future.

I am honored to have Aunt Jen as my aunt and even more honored to call her my friend.”

Process is everything. All that we’ve shared with you is about processes that work when you work them. And it’s worth it. Be willing. Be tenacious. Stay connected. Be at peace.

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