Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Let mentoring catapult you to your place of purpose and live it out. Nurture those divine relationships in your life that bring a wealth of love, insight, and understanding. Call on such friends whenever you feel like you’re getting off track, and even when you’re on target. It will validate your sense of divine appointment. It will validate their sense of divine purpose.

Joy left me a lasting legacy in encouragement. A God-given gift I was destined for, she brought it out in me and I chose to act on it. However, I had to change my thought patterns.

By instilling new habits and making healthy choices, encouragement reigns in my mind over doubt and discouragement regardless of circumstances. It has taken precedence over a lot of negative thinking.

Although I knew I had the gift of encouragement, it took years for me to become mature enough to handle the responsibility of the gift. I allowed Joy into the inner recesses of my needy soul, and she never took advantage of my vulnerability. Instead, she infused me with her own experience, strength, and integrity. She needed to be needed, and I needed her.

You find your purpose when your talent intersects your ability. Mentoring builds the roadway to reaching your potential and that intersection. It is the roadway of relationship.

The intimacy and understanding in our relationship gives us permission to be ourselves and enjoy every minute of our time together. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Joy is her perception of God as a practical God.

God is real and palpable to Joy and me. Being able to communicate my thoughts and feelings, and confess my sins or shortcomings to someone wiser has imparted to me that same approach.

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