Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

She taught me to be firm about keeping self-pity out of my life, and not worry so much about someone else’s stuff. My own list is long enough, let alone trying to take another’s inventory.

Self-acceptance is a priceless gift and an essential element in defining humility. Living authentically is wonderful and worth the work. Her legacy continues through me, my children, and countless others willing to receive her wisdom and counsel.

Traveling and technology has helped broaden our horizons, but often at the cost of keeping close relationships at bay. Often we’re not close to parents, siblings, and loved ones who have helped define our lives. Mentoring has the potential and the power to stabilize our culture through its cohesive nature, to connect the past with the present, and to catapult it into the future.

Before Dr. Bill Bright passed away, he felt God was telling him that the preservation of the church in the United States was dependent upon the preservation of pastors in our country. When Don lost his wife, his ministry, and his son, only one pastor and very few friends visited him. Was it because they didn’t know what to do? Were they not equipped to deal with this depth of disaster?

A man can’t give what he doesn’t have, and we need to give pastors permission to be human. Perhaps we need to show our pastor more love, respect, and forgiveness, and fill them up in such a way that they have it to give back when necessary. Don chose to step down and preserve the integrity of the office of pastor, and that may be one of the reasons his life is so full today without a deep sense of shame or a wake of spiritual carnage.

Andrew believes he’ll backslide if he’s not witnessing in his 12-step program and passing his life on to others. He believes this is vital to his recovery. He has seen men go right back into drinking when they just receive and don’t reciprocate. At that point, even receiving will cease.

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