Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

May each one of us learn to let Mary’s response be our response as we let the Holy Spirit as our Holy Mentor give us understanding into the deep truth of this mentoring wisdom! When God speaks, don’t let fear preside and possess you; rather let it pass and let those thoughts revolve in your mind and understand what His greeting means to you. God speaks through the circumstances of life. Let His natural laws lead you to His spiritual principles as Mary and Elizabeth did

The fruits of mentoring are the richest rewards but are produced when ripe and ready. Be patient with the process. Being whole is being who you are meant to be, living in trust and living with a strong spiritual sense of well being.

Remember, your desire is your call. It is a want to, not a have to. Love motivates. Mentoring will fast forward you rapidly.

Mentoring is founded in friendship, where the past becomes the present. It is more than just about learning to do it right. It is about connectedness and relationship.

The life flows through the relationship. The connectedness is what makes it safe to fail, get up, hold on, and continue. When I piously encouraged my dad, “God is a second chance God,” he gave me the best reply ever. “God is not a second chance God,” he exclaimed, “He is another chance God!” Sometimes I have to keep falling and getting up before I get it right.

Let Him change your spirit! Only He can do it. You only have to want it. There is a back up plan waiting just for you. Your life has great purpose and destiny.

Holding on to meaningful life principles and leaving a lasting legacy take time, but it’s worth the work. And you’re worth it!

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