Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

past became a present to me and all those who listened as well. The intrinsic and most important payoff was what was going on inside—learning to be authentic. I would rather die trying and failing than never try at all.

Joy’s mentoring saved me from the realm of the unconscious. Unconscious motives can be pretty powerful until they are brought out into the light. Once exposed, they begin losing their potency. My selfish ways served me well, until they were exposed by Joy’s wisdom and actions.

I was taking piano lessons when my daughters were young, and Joy offhandedly mentioned how she stopped playing so she could focus on Tommy’s piano lessons. She doesn’t know this, but I knew God was speaking through her past to become my present. I stopped playing and focused on each of my four children’s music lessons. It was their turn.

Some of Jesus’ last words were, Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do

(Lk 23:34). He was speaking of our unconscious, those sinful areas in our lives yet to be exposed and understood by us.

Mentoring brought me into the conscious through what I call Spiritual Situational Awareness. Situational awareness is an integral part of piloting aircraft and boats. It’s knowing what’s going on around you. Pilots have to be able to identify, process, and understand critical elements of information in order to safely and effectively navigate. This awareness protects them from turbulence and storms, saves lives, and enables them to reach their intended destination.

Spiritual Situational Awareness is becoming cognizant of what’s going on inside you. It’s recognizing the issues of your life. Joy’s mentoring has helped me to safely and effectively navigate my life. Her hindsight was often the forecast that saved me from a lot of turbulent life storms!

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