Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

I learned to see God in the clouds and through the clouds. The sun doesn’t stop shining just because there are clouds. It is still there doing its work. Yes, clouds produce rain, but instead of being washed away by the storm, I let God’s healing reign wash over me.

It’s not just reading God’s Word daily that is important to me but how I read it. When I open it, I expect to hear from God and really believe with all my heart each and every word is Holy Spirit inspired and God ordained. I also believe I am reading what I am meant to read in that moment in time.

When I pray it is usually with the discipline of letting go of daily mundane and routine thoughts that clutter my mind. Although I prefer to have quiet time in the early morning and at bedtime, sometimes my quiet time comes in little increments throughout the day. I don’t think God really cares when I have my quiet time. He just wants me to love Him and care about Him. And if I lose my serenity and sanity over something, I can start a new 24 hours anytime.

Hilary’s rape put her in the position of having to face herself at her deepest level spiritually. She chose to face what happened and let her aunt Jen mentor her and help her through it. Jen helped Hilary become spiritually aware of what took place.

First, Hilary was cognizant even in the middle of the rape that Jesus was with her. Second, she chose in this defining moment to forgive the rapist and speak out against this atrocity to help others. Third, as soon as she felt strong enough emotionally, Hilary started speaking in high schools and other public places about rape awareness.

There are three essential parts of Spiritual Situational Awareness:

1. Awareness: Knowing what is going on inside of you. Defining moments reveal your purpose and bring you to that place of understanding.

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