Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Pouring his heart into his work, giving one hundred and ten percent to months of consistent effort, the time came for promotion to be announced. He knew he had done all he could to prove himself worthy of the promotion. His coworkers also believed he would receive it. But a recently hired man having no previous experience (who was a friend of someone in upper management) received the promotion.

Steve was devastated. After expressing his perplexity and dissatisfaction to his manager, he was taken to the division manager who told him one of the main reasons he was passed over was because when given a task to do he did that task and more trying to improve things they didn’t want improved.

After talking for an hour in that office and getting nowhere, they proceeded to the general manager’s office. The general manager expressed the same reasoning adding, “You have a good personality for leadership, but you need to work on your shortcomings.

“We cannot help you. You need leadership training, but in the meantime you cannot work here.” So after almost two hours of fruitless discussions with three managers, Steve was escorted off the property as though he were a criminal. He was more baffled than ever before.

One thing that kept going through his mind as he drove home was the scrutinizing scowl in the general manager’s eyes. He had noticed this look, but could never figure out what made him feel so uncomfortable around him until now. In that look he could see his stepfather glaring at him sending the same message. It was a look of disapproval and disgust as though he just couldn’t stand Steve’s presence. He didn’t get along with his stepfather until years after leaving home and receiving Jesus into his life. By now Steve felt confused, frustrated, and uncertain of his future. In his own words, he felt ‘lower than a snake’s belly’. It was a defining moment, but he didn’t know what to do.

1:26 am