Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Hearing about Joy, he chanced calling her. As they sat, the words started out slow but gradually gained momentum as he recounted what happened. Steve sat before this petite woman, her sage confidence shrouded in peace, his huge frame racked with heavy sobbing.

They joined hands and prayed a simple prayer for God to give them wisdom. As their conversation unfolded, the Holy Spirit was there walking through each step with them and giving clear new insight as the past were laid before them.

As Joy’s mentoring wisdom took hold in Steve’s heart, he could see clearly. The feelings he had experienced with his stepfather resurfaced, and he felt he could never do anything right. Their encounters always ended in rejection, and the same was happening in this new job where he so wanted to win approval and acceptance.

This defining moment cried out, demanding a response. Steve’s mind, now totally clear and open before God, instantly grasped the truth. This insecure, condemned man was not the real person. “You are the real person, designed by God,” Joy encouraged him, “A person of great value.”

As the clouds of condemnation that had cloaked his spark of divinity were blown away by God’s revelation, Steve could see clearly who he really was. The sense of greatness that is in everyone was uncovered.

The spark of divinity, eternally placed in each of us by God, was ignited. Now that his spirit, soul, and body were working in perfect symphonic relationship, his greatest dreams could be accomplished.

In that defining moment, Steve chose to accept himself as God sees him and not someone else’s constricted condemning view. He began speaking with a new unthreatened confidence.

12:41 am