Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

Now that Steve was aware of what was going on inside his heart, he appraised the situation and made positive choices based on his fresh knowledge. He was ready to cement his Spiritual Situational Awareness by taking the third step—action.

He told family members about past feelings and problems he had experienced. He realized his reactions to his feelings, although unpleasant to those around him, were very normal considering the pain he had endured in his childhood. He spoke of the relief he felt when he learned that many problems with deep roots could be dealt with. Knowing the reasons why he felt that way allowed him to be freed.

Yet Steve had dreaded the talk with Joy, thinking he couldn’t stand hearing one more time that he had a bad attitude. So many times he had heard criticism without help for change. He already knew he had a problem. He just didn’t know how to fix it. But instead of criticism, Steve found in Joy acceptance from a compassionate, caring Christian who had the knowledge and insight to understand him and the wisdom to help him. Her past became Steve’s present.

Within months, the owner of a business that Steve had done some side work for asked if he would be interested in a part-time job. Steve accepted, and two weeks after going to work the owner offered him a full-time position as manager, telling him he had the ability, knowledge, and skills to run a business.

He is still there, running the business with purpose and without those self-condemning tapes that used to run through his mind. Steve let his Spiritual Situational Awareness work for him.

Leaving a lasting legacy comes only through people, not things. One of the most significant leaders in our country’s history left a lasting legacy because his defining moments revealed his purpose:

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