Chapter Seven - Leave A Lasting Legacy

1831- Failed in business

1832- Defeated for legislature

1833- Second failure in business

1836- Suffers nervous breakdown

1838- Defeated for Speaker

1840- Defeated for Elector

1843- Defeated for Congress

1848- Defeated for Congress

1855- Defeated for Senate

1856- Defeated for Vice President

1858- Defeated for Senate

1860- Elected President

This was Abraham Lincoln’s road to the White House. Almost 30 years later, after his first business failure and the many other failures that followed, he became president of our country during the bloodiest war in American history.

His “failures” were probably the scaffolding that built the fortitude and character necessary to run our nation during such a vulnerable and tumultuous time. So often what we see as stumbling blocks, God sees as building blocks for the structure we need inside to handle His will and blessings.

We have a family motto, “Take the blame. Get the blessing.” If I am not willing to admit when I am wrong and choose to practice militant ignorance instead, the same lesson is going to keep popping up for me to deal with until I am willing to cross that bridge.

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