Chapter Two - Defining Moments

“And would she know the value that she is in the ministry, or would she just be out there floundering in the world now? It’s just a great joy to me. This is what I always tell women: ‘Don’t tell me that you’re finding yourself. You find yourself in your relationships.’

“I think our relationships with people are barometers of our relationship with God. If we’re in a good relationship with others, that’s a good indication that we have a good relationship with God. But if we’re in bad relationships, then we have to take a look at ourselves and see what we’re doing wrong. That’s really what life is about, and that’s how we find ourselves—in our relationships.”

Through a trusted friendship, just as Maria showed Edith, Joy showed me how to live better principles and how to understand my defining moments so that I could become all who God meant me to be. Defining moments don’t have to involve a mentor, but mentors can fast track the process, as Joy did for me.

The brutality of her stepfather birthed in Joy the desire to live with purpose. The death of her husband opened up doors she never noticed. She knows it’s not about her; it’s about God and the people He puts in her path. She showed me that purpose isn’t some enigma far away waiting to be discovered, it is already there in front of me in everything I think, feel, do, and say. Purpose is waking up each day and seeing the meaning in everything I do and all God puts in my day. I just have to recognize it and receive it.

The LORD will perfect that which concerns you…(Ps 138:8). Joy learned her purpose in life through God’s perfecting her in her trials. She recalled, “One time I cried to God and I said, ‘Please God, why do I have to go through these awful things? One thing after another and nobody can help me! But God, You will help me I know, but why?’

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