Chapter Two - Defining Moments

“And He spoke to my heart clearly, ‘Joy, are you better than I am? I was crushed so that I could understand you, and now you want an understanding heart? You cannot understand other people unless you have felt the blows that they feel. I love you, and I’m answering your prayer. I’m giving you an understanding heart by the adversities that come into your life. And yet I give you the victory to overcome them; I give you the pathway to find the answers. You do come through and you will come through because I have a plan for your life. Your life’s purpose is wrapped up in me and I will perfect it.’” [[Needs to be as is.]]

God has upheld Joy’s life by His Word. …He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ… (Ph 1:6).

‘Meant to be’ precedes ‘meant to do’. If we are who God means us to be, then doing what God want us to do will follow naturally. We want you to experience and embrace a deeper sense of connectedness with the most significant relationships in your life.

Defining moments are those times in our lives when circumstances or our feelings about them are so outstanding that we know the choices we are being given in that instant will define who we are and determine our destiny. They reveal your purpose and show your worth.

You know you have to answer the question, “What am I going to do about this?” Like the eye of a perfect storm, a defining moment is the pinnacle of converging circumstances and related feelings that determine the outcome of one’s fate.

My dad always worked a lot. My husband has always worked a lot. And I too, worked a lot—at feeling at sorry for myself.

While I was pregnant with our second child, my husband Michael was fundraising for Pat Robertson’s presidency campaign. Every time he would get on another flight, I wanted to cry. I

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