Chapter Two - Defining Moments

punished them and brought them to ruin; you wiped out all memory of them (Is 26:12- 14).

A mentor gives you the skills and coping tools needed to make wise decisions about your defining moments. Rachel appreciates that I am a human voice with God’s words. Although you can’t go back in time and change the past, you can always change your choices and perspective about the past.

Mentors are people you gravitate toward because they have what you need. Joy made some outstanding choices in spite of and because of incredible odds. The story of Joy’s defining moments and the choices she made show her purpose, the depth of her wisdom, and the power of free will. And this is what she passed on to me.

The year was 1918 and as World War I was ending in Europe, baby Joy was born in Cain Hill, Arkansas. Only six weeks old when she moved with her parents to Oklahoma, they eventually settled on a little farm nestled in the foothills of a small agricultural community.

Life was abundant with love, home-cooked meals, and siblings to play with. Joy’s parents adored her. They not only passed on their love for her, but also their love for Jesus, which became the cornerstone of her life. She did not realize how much that love would be challenged by the hate that would later enter her heart.

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