Chapter Two - Defining Moments

Joy’s mother was her mentor, an avid listener and a source of great validation for Joy. She passed her love for Jesus to Joy and ignited Joy’s spark of divinity. The spark of divinity is God’s little spark of life in each human being.

God created us with three dimensions: spirit (the innermost man), soul (the inner man), and body (the outer man). God’s spark of divinity is in the innermost man. He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man (Ep 3:16).

The spark won’t go away or change because it is not about you. It is of God and is always there, waiting to be uncovered, ignited, and burnt brightly. God will use anything to call forth the spark in you, sometimes through mentoring and sometimes through the circumstances of life.

Joy learned from her mother that listening feels like love or listen with your heart. This principle of listening with her heart later became the hallmark of Joy’s counseling ministry as a pastor’s wife.

Her mother heard Joy, and Joy knew it. If something became a burden in her heart, she knew she could tell her mother without any fear of judgment or condemnation.

Once, when she was older, Joy wanted to go to a dance. “It was on a Friday night,” she reminisced, “with a friend who hung out with a crowd who moved faster than I was used to. When I told Mother about it, she listened and then asked me two questions, ‘Honey, how would you feel telling your Sunday school friends about this dance?’

“I said nothing. Mother continued, ‘Are these people friends you enjoy being with?’ “I paused, pondering the answers to the questions she put forth. She looked at me and

smiled, ‘I know you’ll use good judgment.’ She let it go, and I decided to stay home.” Because she always felt listened to and affirmed by her mother, Joy learned how to own her decisions.

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