Chapter Two - Defining Moments

interests. Unfortunately, Joy could not believe that, and she tenaciously kept talking with her mother, trying to convince her.

Reproach will take its toll on you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Following its dictates, Joy was so bound by contempt toward her stepfather that she once cried three days straight, imploring her mother to leave him.

Her insatiable desire for vengeance was like a dry well demanding a downpour. Finally, at the end of the third tearful day, she announced to her mother with unshakable resolution, “Mother, if you don’t divorce that man, I am going to poison him!”

Her mother stared at her, astonished and speechless. She didn’t know what to say, fearing the consequences. Her daughter had a strong track record of following through on what she said. Joy dried her hot tears, pushed back her powerful emotions, straightened her shoulders, and stomped out of the room with absolute intent. What neither knew at this place in time was that they were both currently in the eye of the storm that was defining Joy’s destiny. She truly wanted to poison her cruel stepfather.

But just as Joy was about to go marching off to the medicine cabinet, she took a turn toward her bedroom instead, and with outstretched arms cried out, “Oh, God, please help me. Help me! Give me an understanding heart so I can help other people, so they won’t have to hurt like I do.” This defining moment revealed her purpose more clearly than anything else ever had. A new strength surged through Joy’s young soul. She knew it was a decision coupled with a strong emotion and intent. She knew what she was going to do. Her choice of good over evil had determined her destiny.

11:35 pm