Chapter Two - Defining Moments

An unusual note awaited her return to the United States. Her father’s killer responded with an amazing letter forgiving her and thanking her for forgiving him. He is still in prison but had committed his life to Jesus. Rachel is free from the prison of hatred her soul was in.

This was not the end of Rachel’s path of forgiveness. During her Biblical Counseling Foundations course, she knew she had to face a past trauma and forgive the perpetrator. She was only three years old when her uncle sexually molested her. He died during the time she was taking the course, so God used this to put her in a special place of healing and forgiveness. She faced all the unresolved anger she held, and her forgiveness set her free. With the help of a strong spiritual friend, she sat down with her cousin, her uncle’s son.

Rachel expressed the anger, pain, and shame she felt. Then she forgave her uncle through his son who accepted his father’s actions and Rachel’s forgiveness. Rachel was set free from victimization. She is now the victor, waking up each day and living out God’s purpose as He puts it before her, comforting those with the comfort she has received.

Personal Process Assessment

Defining moments reveal your purpose. A defining moment is a moment of impact when you make decisions that show who you are and what your purpose is. Purpose is waking up everyday, seeing meaning in everything God puts before you, and understanding the repercussions of your choices. Destructive choices will have detrimental consequences that conceal who you are. Constructive choices have positive results that will reveal who you are meant to be. Regardless of your choices, these moments define you. What are your defining moments? Are you being inspired or incited by these pivotal points in time?

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