Chapter Two - Defining Moments

We want you to quietly ask yourself and ask God to reveal to you significant events in your life. God uses these defining moments to give you gifts. He gave you all that is already in you; future gifts come to fruition through your experiences.

Mentoring clarifies our defining moments. Defining moments often need wisdom. As a young mother I felt like my life wasn’t important, but Joy created an image in my mind showing where I was, the setting I was really in, and the future to come so that I had a clear perspective and a renewed purpose. Mentoring illuminates these moments in our life that impact us and gives us the wisdom we need to make mature decisions based on what we experience. Who has helped you understand your defining moments? Who are you helping? How are they the catalysts to fulfilling your life’s purpose?

You can’t go anywhere without forgiveness. Joy had to forgive her stepfather. I had to forgive myself. Who do you have to forgive? Because forgiveness is so vital, the following prayer is provided to give you a chance to either start the process of forgiveness, or thoroughly forgive whoever you need to.

“Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name, thank you for creating (name of person or even yourself) in Your image. With Your help, and with all my heart, I forgive _____________ for not becoming all You created him or her to be. I realize now that __________ needed the healing that I am now receiving. Someway and somehow as I accept and forgive ____________, may their (or my) life be all You ever meant it to be. Help me to forgive ___________ all his or her offenses against me. I accept ________ as an unhealed and needy person. There but for Your grace go I. Thank You for all You created _________ to be, even when I fail to see it. Give me eyes to see. I will look for the real person You intended ________ to be and affirm it whenever I

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