Chapter Two - Defining Moments

me feel less, or make me feel like I was in danger of being criticized or rejected. It’s awful to feel rejection, and I needed somebody to accept and love me.

“So when we met, I felt very comfortable. Our relationship was just right. We could talk about whatever entered our minds, explain and understand the things of God. Our spiritual walk was so real for each of us, and we found some answers together. You were just what I needed.” Our friendship fit. I felt familiar to Joy in her strange new world even though we hardly

knew each other. She was like a gold brick that didn’t fit anywhere—she had been refined for years but did not fit with the standing masonry. She had so much to give, but when Hershel died, life as she knew it suddenly stopped. She had the need to keep going but didn’t know where. God used our mentoring friendship to help fill the voids of a lost love and of a need to belong.

Maria has mentored many women over the years, but when Edith interviewed for the office assistant position, she filled that post and Maria’s need for a deep and trusted relationship that lasts to this day. Maria remembers, “From the minute I met Edith I loved her, and I think we both felt an instant comfort in each other’s presence. She went with me on a mission trip. When we came back, I was doing a women’s retreat, and she accompanied me there as well.”

Edith is a talented, professional woman who loved the Lord and wanted a deeper spiritual commitment to Jesus. She wanted meaningful relationships in her life. Maria’s calling was to minister to women and to help them fulfill God’s calling on their lives. What makes their relationship unique is that Edith now runs Maria’s ministry.

Maria needed a strong support system to minister to women around the world. God knew this, so when they met, the two women had a sense God meant for them to support one another.

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