Chapter Two - Defining Moments

Maria filled Edith’s need for love and belonging; Edith filled Maria’s need for a talented support system; both of them received deep and meaningful relationship.

“I became like a mother to Edith, and I loved her through a lot of things. We have lived the details of life together. There have been times she’s practically lived with me. She’s just like my own daughter; I watched her grow until I no longer mentor her. We no longer have that same relationship.

“It was 11 years ago that I started with Edith. We’ve been through a lot together. “Edith speaks to God with all her heart. She didn’t marry until she was 38, and he is a

Godly and wonderful man. Edith now runs the ministry. She is leading her first mission team. I’m going along to head up the ministry, but she’s leading the team. And she’s doing an exceptional job.”

God used Maria to equip Edith to be all He meant her to be. God used Edith to fill the need that Maria had to pass her baton of ministry so that Maria would have peace of mind. This all happened within the context of a deeply meaningful and trusted friendship. Maria mentored Edith. Both were able to be lost in the comfort of a fulfilled friendship. Edith needed this comfort level to feel safe enough to vent her feelings, learn to acknowledge them, and not let them rule her.

According to Edith, “Maria and I met about 11 years ago at church where she was on staff, when I volunteered to help her as an office assistant. We hit it off from the beginning, and we had a wonderful relationship from the beginning.

“It was crazy how much it fit. It was awesome to see. An exhilarating case from the very beginning, Maria is a very prophetically intuitive person, and I think God contributed to why our friendship went off on such a fast pace. She had a lot of insight, with the ability to see what the

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