Chapter Two - Defining Moments

Lord saw in me. She knew what I had to deal with in order to become what God meant me to be.”

Both Maria and Edith are brilliant, high-energy women, and both have met their match in each other. They went on mission trips around the world answering God’s call on their lives through ministry and each other. Edith recalled, “After five trips together, Maria believed the Lord was leading her out of her staff position at the church and into full time ministry. We noticed we were both moved by the same things: reaching out to people in third world countries, loving people, and feeling compassion for their needs. We loved the prophetic and seeing where the Lord was taking people, not just where they were but where they were going.

“We became family to each other. She really was a mother to me, so it wasn’t just a spiritual mom. It wasn’t like a once-a-week meeting with a start and stop time. It was more like we’d have dinner and then go shopping. All of those things that were very integral to our relationship caused it to be more vulnerable emotionally.”

Maria and Edith created workable boundaries making it safe to be spontaneous and vulnerable with each other. Edith tested the integrity of their relationship behind closed doors. She needed to know if Maria would be consistent. She wanted to see if Maria really lived what she said. Because it is easy to see the symptom as the root of the situation, Edith was not conscious of her own heart. “I don’t know if I was aware at the time of what the needs were. It wasn’t like it was a relationship I was looking for.

“In retrospect, there was a place in me where I was emotionally stuck. I felt places of real disappointment in people who had been in authority over me. I had a hard time with the whole idea of authority. I had felt disappointed and totally rejected.

4:43 pm