Chapter Two - Defining Moments

“I tested Maria in some ways out of my own emotional immaturity, seeing if she would walk further than a certain point with me. I needed emotional consistency.”

God knew Edith was ready for the relationship with Maria, and that Edith was ready for what Maria had. “I think other relationships were wonderful and appropriate at the time, but there was something about my relationship with Maria that just went to a deeper level the Lord intended at that time. I had to cross over into a different emotional dimension to be able to travel the road He wanted me to go. And I don’t think I’m done.”

Edith was experiencing a deeper emotional and spiritual dimension, which facilitated a deeper spiritual fulfillment and healing by letting her be all that God meant her to be.

“I’ve been to counseling, and it was right for the time. But this is different. This relationship is one of action. I lived with this person, and the Lord used that to deal with my heart in a different way than when you go to a counselor and just talk to them. It’s just a different method I guess.

“Maria took me to the next place with God. She has such a magnanimous nature; you can’t stay around her and not be completely motivated to move onto the next level or next thing and reach for the impossible. That’s just who she is.

“It’s so easy to hide in church, but it is impossible to hide in an intimate relationship. You can go in and out of church and not really rub elbows. You can get involved in things and help here and there, but do you start a relationship like the one that I have with Maria? Because of the intimacy of the relationship, it causes you to deal with your stuff and go on to a deeper level of maturity and with the Lord.”

Maria agrees, “Edith is really coming into her own place designed by God. And I feel like the last horizon, the last territory we are going to take together is the public speaking. Since her

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