Chapter Two - Defining Moments

fear of abandonment was so strong, it scared her to think that she was called into the ministry, but she is.

“She has her own video production company; she’s a very successful woman who does exceptional work. She’s in great demand for her videos, and she’s beginning to speak. We’ll go to Russia together this year. She will be co-speaking with me at the women’s retreat, and she will be leading a team. I feel like this is it. Edith is really going to see the true destiny God has on her life.

“You need to evaluate your purpose and what you’re doing. Many women in ministry never allow the person they’re mentoring to walk alongside them. It’s not good because the person who’s being mentored finally has to go away to find their peers.

“And then it becomes a control issue. The person who is mentoring is doing so out of a place of insecurity. They don’t feel good enough inside themselves to let go and let their former mentor be their peer. When you allow them to be your peer, you now have the help that you’ve needed so long that you didn’t have. I can trust Edith with my life. I never have to worry about her. She runs the ministry; she’s my boss. I don’t have to worry, ‘Does Edith want the best for this ministry? Are her motives pure?’ I know who she is. There’s trust and integrity there.”

Although mentoring makes life more meaningful, God intends mentoring not just to fill each other needs. Maria felt that was difficult to address. “Here’s the deal,” she said. “We do take comfort in the person, but the glory goes to God. Because I look at Edith and I think, ‘What if I hadn’t answered the mandate that God gave me concerning her life?’ Where would she be today?

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