Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

“Many types of medications were used to try to control it—none of which worked effectively. Not only that, the medications caused me to lose 15 pounds, and I was not overweight. I went from having one of the busiest medical practices to not working at all.

I discovered this was unlike some other irregular heartbeats that could be treated. The research into curative intervention was only in its infancy. So my options were very limited, and all I could do was hope for a cure because nothing else was able to address it.

“I don’t know what I would have done without my brother, Andrew. He was the one I was close to at the time, even more so than my girlfriend. He was my spiritual coach. I mean, he was there for everything. Because we were close, he could empathize in terms of my battles with the disease. It was a disease that very few people understood at that time, even the cardiologists.

“Andrew knew how I felt; my being a doctor and understanding it all made me feel even more helpless and hopeless. He was a priceless support and encouragement in my deep despair. It definitely brought me to my knees. I went from having everything to having nothing. Nothing else mattered. It was an overwhelmingly oppressive disease process, especially for someone who otherwise was healthy.

“It always helps to have another human there. Andrew was the lifeline God used to bring me to Him. Ultimately all the power comes from above, but I think God sends us individuals who are compatible with us, somebody who can really understand our fears and our circumstances. This was a point where I could have cursed God, but I sought God instead. He pruned away any worldly enticements since none of that mattered anymore.

“It didn’t matter that I had Ferraris, homes, attractive women, a bustling medical practice, a good physique, and the ability to do whatever I wanted. None of that was accessible to me

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