Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

small. Although she was gifted with wonderful people skills, Joy ended up living a life serving others because she wanted to.

Joy’s motivation to this day is desire. The only contingency clause is “willingness.” God never ignores our freedom of choice, although He does encourage us to make choices that bring life by putting it before us.

Joy is still a much sought after speaker in greater Kansas City. A recent speaking engagement found her before a Christian conference of teens. She is a favorite counselor among young singles and the newly married. She’s not an old person—she meets you where you’re at, and she loves what she does.

One of the greatest frustrations is knowing what we want, but not how to get there. Joy mentored me in forgiveness. The path to having my desire fulfilled was forgiveness and letting go. Whatever your issues are or the lessons are that need to be faced, God will provide for you when you call out to Him.

Wherever you harbor unresolved conflict or malice, you will find yourself a victim. You also may become the perpetrator of the very thing you hate. Forgiveness is a process that often takes years to work through. So the sooner forgiveness became an attitude, the faster the victim is set free. Forgiveness is so vital because it is God’s nature to forgive, He made us in His likeness, so this is what will fit us best. Forgiveness has been a process for both of us and a blessing passed down to me from Joy. It was the key to keeping me from further temptation. I wanted it and I was ready for it. I had major issues of reproach that I had to relinquish. Reproach was taking its toll on me spiritually, mentally, and physically. There were just too many liabilities that came with it. If temptation is the road to misspent desire, then forgiveness was the turn that put me back on track. I had to be willing to be honest with myself.

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