Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

Although I have no power over the day of my death, I think I’ll live a long time like Joy, who is 86 and has a personal trainer. She gets breathless from working out—not from a heart that doesn’t work. The following are tips to mentoring which worked for us and will help you get there.

1. Discover Your Heart’s Desire

What means more to you than anything else in the entire world? What gets your heart beating, your mind racing with more possibilities than you can possibly imagine? You must define what you want and decide it’s what you really want.

Paint a picture in your mind. Hold on to it as if your life depends on it. In reality, the quality of your life may actually depend on your dream. Once you’ve defined the desire of your heart, you can live for it. Pray and ask God to reveal to you by His Holy Spirit what really means the most to you. Sometimes what I think I want isn’t really what I want. Like oil and vinegar, once it settles, the oil always rises to the top. Let His Holy Spirit settle you and let your desires surface.

I live for Jesus. He is my heart’s desire. He gave me a beautiful husband, a loving family, and the gift of encouragement. God brought Joy into my life to help me see my heart’s desire fulfilled by bringing me to a higher level of spiritual maturity and emotional fulfillment that equipped me for my role as a person and as a woman.

When we met, Joy was already a widow, but her husband was a leader as my husband is a leader. Early on I saw my need to be a strong wife and sensed my own immaturity even if I didn’t verbalize it. She was a leader’s wife. She had what I needed, and God knew this. I didn’t

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