Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

In mentoring, whether you are teaching or learning, if it doesn’t fit, it never will, so don’t wear it. You have to be able to communicate in every way. I have two exquisite dresses Michael had tailored for me in Hong Kong. Those dresses fit like a glove.

When Alexandra met Francesca, they immediately connected. Whether you call it ‘chemistry’ or intuition, it is still Holy Spirit-inspired and God-ordained. God made us, and He knows who is going to fit with us.

Hilary tried other counselors. They didn’t work, but her Aunt Jen did. They both felt God meant them to be together.

If you are trying to make it fit, it probably isn’t meant to be. Joy and I have personalities that fit each other perfectly. It’s almost like we know what we’re thinking before we say it. And we can always pick up where we left off. We know how we work.

4. Complement—Don’t Compete With—Each Other

Our age difference definitely compliments us. We find no competition or insecurity in each other’s company.

We prioritize important even if it is something little, but we let go of petty trivia even when it’s big. We work with each other and for each other, not ever against each other or with poor motives. Poor motives would be anything rooted in self-centeredness.

Joy understands that I want what she has, not for the sake of taking it from her, but to make myself a better person and the world around me a better place. When I gain ground in my learning curve, Joy finds great satisfaction because she knows her life’s lessons have been made worthwhile. It’s all about God and His purpose for our lives together, and we find deep spiritual fulfillment in living this life drawn by His calling.

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