Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

There are other people who just seem to move along mundanely, yet do such dynamic deeds with their lives. Living with purpose has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with desire. What means the most to you?

“I get so frustrated over the decisions I see Kate making. She used to love the Lord so much. Now it seems like all she does is blame Him for all her problems,” lamented Pamela about her friend. She had been good to Kate and was feeling rejected by her.

“I was really hoping to see her at my luncheon; she always seems to have the time to do what she wants. But when it comes to taking a little extra time for me, there’s always an excuse. It’s either her kids or she’s too tired or there’s something else going on. And I’ve done so much for her!”

“Pamela, you need to either talk to her, or leave it at the cross and let go of it,” I told her, “but you can’t keep feeding it.”

“Lindsey, do you know what I really believe?” Pamela baited me. “I really believe we do what we want to do.”

Pamela hit the bull’s eye. Both Pamela and Kate started on similar paths, loving Jesus with a life committed to Him, getting married, and having children. However, Kate started having problems in her marriage resulting in divorce.

She said she didn’t want divorce, but there seemed to be a pattern of wanting things her way, and often her actions were contrary to her words. Pamela felt badly because she believed that she wanted the relationship and Kate really didn’t.

Misplaced desire is misspent desire. Because I learned an attitude of forgiveness from Joy, I learned how not to misplace my heart’s desire, even though I often stumbled. I say this with a generous amount of reverential fear, because I really believe taking the wrong turn is only

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