Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

sponsor. I stay grounded in my growth as a sponsor. Service gives me the chance to fill someone else’s needs and have my needs filled at the same time.

One of mentoring’s most outstanding qualities is spiritual impetus coupled with encouragement. Look at how our country grieved the death of President Ronald Reagan. His chaplain made the most remarkable comment about how the Holy Spirit was “deeply imbedded in the spiritual DNA of Ronald Reagan.” This President left a lasting legacy of hope and encouragement.

8. Experience Mutual and Unconditional Love

The love that Joy and I have for each other is a reasonable, intentional, spiritual devotion that is inspired by God’s love for us. It is a committed love based on an act of each of our wills.

We believe the best in each other; we are patient and kind with each other. “You can do no wrong in my eyes,” I sometimes tease her when she mentions a personal weakness that seems major to her but minor to me.

I have always had a deep desire for truth in my life. This desire in college spurned my quest for God. He showed me the Truth in Jesus. So when I met Joy, I perceived immediately she had a level of honesty that I appreciated and wanted in my own life.

We don’t insist on our way, and we pay little attention to our differences. We acknowledge our distinctions, but don’t focus on them. I really feel that in the beginning of our friendship, Joy believed better in me than I did in myself. She showed me so much unconditional undeniable love. This has meant more to me than anything because this is what I am learning to pass on to my family and friends.

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