Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

St. Francis of Assisi proclaimed that we go and preach the Gospel and use words if we have to. God uses people to express His love, and He used Joy to tell me how much He loves me. She never said, “Jesus loves you, Lindsey.” She lives His love in what she is and what she still does.

9. Hold on by Letting Go

You have to hold on with all your heart, because there will be so many sidetracks and pitfalls in the road that it may be impossible to hold on to your desire or dream. This paradox is a foundational spiritual principle that simply means to surrender.

When things don’t seem to be working as I wanted them to, I need to leave my dream and desire with God and trust Him for the results. Sometimes the ambition has to die before it comes to life. If I try to work it out my way, then I may prevent my heart’s desire from happening simply because my way was in the way.

Zach had it all, but when he lost his health he could enjoy nothing. He was a doctor tormented by the knowledge there was no known cure for his heart disease. It took a toxic level of medication to treat his symptoms so he lost either way. In his darkest moment, he heard God speak. He had to let go in the midst of excruciating physical pain and imminent death. In the center of his deepest fear, he let go of all his expectations and learned in the process to hold on to Jesus.

Joy’s encouragement in those moments of deepest darkest discouragement helped me stay the course. Often it wasn’t anything she said or did; just her listening and being there validated what I was going through and made it all worthwhile in that moment. She gave me reason to keep going.

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