Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

So the big picture in the intimate and beautifully portrayed mentored relationship between Naomi and Ruth was God establishing the lineage of Jesus through Ruth and Boaz. Ruth 4:22 Ruth really loved God and wanted to follow Him. She saw the faith Naomi had and wanted it. The strongest tie between Naomi and Ruth was a spiritual one where their relationship was about a calling of God on their lives that they instinctively knew and were responding to. These timeless tips of mentoring will work for you too to paint a picture bigger than you ever dreamed.

Mentoring gave me a pattern of living to follow which held me together so that I could have what I wanted. God let me have what I wanted when He wanted me to have it. He gave me Joy, and He’ll take care of the rest. I have to trust Him for the results and be at peace. We wanted our relationship, but let God cause the growth. It’s all up to Him! He will bring it to pass.

Personal Process Assessment

You have to want it. A point of importunity is the place where you desire something so much, it’s like you’re drowning in the ocean and you will do anything to get a gulp of air that will save your life. What is your point of importunity? What do you really want?

You need to know what the desire of your heart really is. Don’t misplace or misspend your heart’s desire, either. So often we are working for something that we think will fill us, but we’re just filling the room with more junk. What means more to you than anything else? What is the real desire of your heart? What makes you truly happy?

Sometimes we need to let go of relationships that pull us down by bringing out the worst in us or our situation. Letting go doesn’t mean being mean or unforgiving, but rather placing the person and relationship in God’s hands and trusting Him for the results. Sometimes we need to

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