Chapter Four - Desire Of Your Heart

Don truly experienced a Job-like trauma. He lost his wife, his livelihood, his son, and his reputation. But what he wanted more than anything was God, and God knew this. He continued to delight himself in the Lord, take matters straight to the heart of God, and work through the pain with God Himself.

“It was how I responded to those tough places and tough times that became my calling card of ministry. I’ve preached probably a thousand sermons, but I don’t know that I’ve lived in the kingdom more than I have in my last five years. I lost everything. For me, not only has forgiveness not been a life issue on this stuff, it’s just gratefulness. What’s paramount is I find things to be grateful for.”

“There were times I was clearly mad—I was mad at God for setting up things the way He did. I said that I should be able to lose this without losing all that! But I was very honest with Him about it.

Slowly the ashes of Don’s life became the fertile soil for new growth. Don started his own coaching and consulting company. He still travels worldwide conducting corporate seminars for personal growth and career development. He still has a heart for pastors, and he works with them incognito. He is remarried and works closely with his son.

Over the years, Joy’s forgiveness took root in my soul, but it was about to be tested to its limit. God created our spirits like a vacuum that was meant to be filled with Him and by Him. He vividly showed me this in the most extraordinary way.

Swimming is my favorite sport because it is quiet, invigorating, and I can pray and enjoy the solitude. I have cognizance that I am dependent upon Jesus for every breath that I take.

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