Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

Nicole smiled, “Well Gail, what’s the one last slot I have open that needs to be filled for the fall? Would you prepare to teach on marriage relationships?”

Gail’s ministry was birthed all because one woman’s mentoring gave her the wisdom, life, and encouragement she needed to learn to stand on her own. Gail was young, she knew it, and she was humble enough to admit it to herself and to God and let God do the rest.

Just as Nicole and Gail were meant to meet, so it was for Alexandra and Francesca. Alexandra grew up in an alcoholic family and met Jesus when she was 19. She was immediately drawn by His calling on her life. Thinking, “If I didn’t know about this plan of salvation, how many other people don’t know?” she began to knock on doors and share Jesus with everyone in her neighborhood. She wasn’t aware that most church members didn’t witness door-to-door.

Within six months she led five women to the Lord. Every Thursday morning she went to the cul-de-sac where they lived studied the Bible with them. Alexandra didn’t know what to teach them except what her pastor taught on Sunday. When he would teach, she took notes then taught her little congregation.

Alexandra’s ministry was born. “I’ve always had a heart for women and wanted to see women be allowed to come into their destiny,” she said. “I never was told that I had limitations on my life until I got into the church, and then I always felt a call to preach and my pastor would tell me that wasn’t what women should do. And that disheartened me. As I’ve gotten older, I just spent my life rising up women…mentoring women. And I go to countries to minister to women, and my message is always to tell women that they have value and there’s so much they can do. I went five times during the Bosnian war, and ministered to Muslim women and they readily accepted Jesus.”

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