Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

Alexandra has mentored many women, sharing her life in mission work around the world through her ministry. She trains and mentors American Christian women who in turn reach out to oppressed women around the world, including Muslim women who have been so receptive to Jesus.

Then Alexandra met Francesca. Their friendship marked a pivotal change in both of their lives which God would use fulfill His purposes in them indivually and together. On one of Alexandra’s trip Francesca went with her. They immediately felt a natural rapport with each other and worked well together in the mission field. Alexandra appreciated Francesca’s help, while Francesca valued Alexandra’s wisdom and experience. She recalled, “The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘She’s been through healing, she’s been through deliverance, but she has to be re- parented by someone in the ministry because there’s such a high call on her life. She’ll never walk in her rightful place until she sees that there are people of integrity in the ministry who will love her.’ I knew that was a mandate the Lord gave me.

“So I became like a mother to Francesca. And I just loved her through a lot of things, letting her live with us and sharing my life with her. Since she was never allowed to speak up or be upset at anybody, I would allow her to be upset with me. And I would walk with her through it, through things. We worked through so many things. I think a lot of people won’t let others vent.

“Unless allowed to share your feelings and really vent, I don’t know how you’re going to get over so much. Many people have so many things to get through. And another thing that I have seen with women is they never allow the person they’re mentoring to walk beside them.

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