Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

“When I think about how we were meant to meet and I understand it was God’s purpose,” reflects Joy, “in my heart and in my imagination I begin to see a beautiful mosaic that God has made from our lives. In that beautiful mosaic, He chose all the special pieces that He had already designed, cut, and fashioned for that particular mosaic.

“In each one of them, He had touched a little point and the circumstance came it into view. In another place, He touched and put a decision in somebody’s mind. He put a person at a special place, and so on. And all the pieces of the mosaic, the pieces of my life and your life, began to fall into picture in perfect place. God has a plan…His purpose was brought about because it was meant to be.”

Learn how to identify and value relationships that have impacted your life. You were meant to meet them. Remember, it’s not where you start that counts. It’s where you finish.

Personal Process Assessment

Joy and I were meant to meet. God meant us to be in each other’s lives to fulfill a common destiny for both of us. She was a gifted leader’s wife. I was a leader’s wife, but a diamond in the rough who needed a lot of chiseling. God put someone in my life He knew I would listen to and could trust. Joy felt my love for her, saw a lot of herself in me, and envisioned a bright future. Who are those people in your life God meant you to meet?

As you read, we want you to ask God to show you those relationships in your life that point you to Him. God gives us good relationships to fulfill His purposes and to glorify Him, they are not to be an end in themselves. And because Jesus loves you, those relationships will produce loving results. The hallmark of a Godly mentor is the willingness to give God the glory for it all. Who is pushing you closer to Jesus?

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