Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

iceberg. I did not know the future height of our relationship, like reaching the summit of Mt. Everest.

It was in the front row of a conference one evening that I happened to sit next to Joy. We became instant friends. God had planned this for a long time.

Like fresh produce ripe for eating, Joy passed the fruits of her mentoring on to me. This delicious fruit has been laden with vitamins and essential elements that have enriched me and helped make me strong and healthy.

In fact, I’ve picked, savored, eaten, and relished the fruit from Joy’s vine for so many years that my own vine now produces fruit to be consumed by those in my life needing His nourishment. Sometimes we have a sense in our spirit that God has brought a particular person in our life and so it was with Joy.

According to Joy, “The seemingly accidental things are not accidental at all.” The decision for us to sit together at that meeting was not an accident. God planned that wisely and carefully. The fact that we fit in personality and closeness was God’s plan. He has put in you and me all the qualities we need to strengthen, bless, and help each other. “When we talked together for the first time, it was just right because it was God’s plan from the beginning. He had worked carefully to put every piece in place.”

We both saw the significance of what was meant to be. Just as God meant for us to have a deeply connected friendship, so we believe you were meant to read the wisdom of these words, take the taste test for yourself, and be the better for it! My mom used to say, “The real friends you have in life you can count on the fingers of one hand.” She was right. And Joy is one of five.

We enjoy our fresh vegetables, like style more than fashion, and can finish each other’s sentences. Both of us get our second wind at midnight. We can laugh at ourselves, and we love

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