Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

people. Neither one of us is the “roll over and play dead” sort, so dying to ourselves was not easy.

Joy’s lived the life worth following, worth living and worth dying to me. “Dying to self” simply means letting go of my way and doing it God’s way. The last time we shopped together, we both bought twin jean jackets—size small. By the end of the night, I was running after Joy trying to keep up with her. What makes this most amazing? Joy is 86 and I’m 47. We are nearly two generations apart, but we have such fun together. To meet Joy is like discovering the fountain of youth. She walks straight with a smooth gait, no gravel in her voice, her hair in the latest (not oldest) style. She still wears stilettos to dress up, yet greets you in sneakers and jeans when winding down.

Just like purpose, mentoring is a principle, not a goal. And it becomes a process that produces a lot of life-giving fruit. Joy’s mentoring me was not an end in itself. It was simply the result of a natural and nurtured friendship. I now live with greater purpose each day because of the principles I have gained from Joy’s relational mentoring. She has taught me to look to God as my Source and to abide in Jesus, not in her friendship.

“You know,” Joy said, “I had to have some help. And I knew that help could not come from any other person. It had to come from God injecting into my spirit an understanding of the situation and the knowledge and wisdom of how to deal with it. I learned a long time ago that without the wisdom and understanding from God Himself, I would not be able to survive.

“God became my only Source for one other reason. Sometimes you cannot really talk things through with a ‘friend.’ They don’t have any more wisdom than you do about the situation. They have no more understanding about it than you do. It’s something that only you

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