Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

students’ understanding. A defining moment is an instant in time where you make choices in a current situation that will affect the rest of your life. You can see the recognition register on their faces when their futures teeter between good and evil, whether or not to take the baton, and the choices they will make.

How do you become the fortunate recipient of famed wisdom and insight? Is it chance or choice? Does Divine direction determine destiny? Or is there something else? Why are some people so successful with seemingly so little talent, while others with great gifts go nowhere? [[re-inserted since Bruce liked.]]

Mentoring is a phenomenon where the past meets the future in the present. So part of the answers to these questions may be that I let Joy’s hindsight, which is almost always 20/20, become my insight and foresight. When I was younger, I would ‘jump the gun’ and often make impulsive decisions without thinking or praying about them. “Why should I have to pray?” I’d wonder to myself, seeing the answer so clearly, or so I thought. Joy would ‘talk to God’ about something as if He were sitting at the breakfast table with her. Sometimes it would seem a little crazy to me. Initially, I accepted this because I accepted Joy, but now I too ‘talk to God.’

Joy has a spirit of peace I have always found attractive. Over the years I have realized this spirit of peace is actually her abiding in Jesus, and Jesus always precludes everything in her life—from the way she thinks to how she acts. The more I abide in Jesus, the more I see and sense this same peace in my thoughts and actions.

The story of our friendship and how we met proves that mentoring works. As it worked in our friendship, it also works in relationships where wisdom and experience are passed on at work, in school, in athletics, or any other field of interest. The principle and process of mentoring will work for anyone, and everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

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