Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

Gail was in her late 20’s when she was impacted by the wisdom and love of Nicole. Gail explained, “I had gone to work for a church that never had a woman on staff before. And as I was secretary to one of the pastors on staff, the church hired Nicole to be an associate pastor for women’s ministry. Then I became secretary to both.

“I was quite enamored by her because our senior pastor who asked her to come on board spoke very highly of her. It was a great honor to work with someone so highly esteemed by my pastor, but I was curious about a woman who had a pastoral role because I had never associated with a woman pastor before.

“As we began working together, the first two things I saw about her character were her humility and grace. Nicole’s position and presence was especially disconcerting to many of the men who objected to a woman having an equal position with them. But I saw her humility and her grace with every one of them.

“Nicole prepared Bible studies for the women in church, and I typed them, gleaning her wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word and how she imparted this. It was common knowledge in the church that if you didn’t find Gail at her secretary’s desk, then she was in Nicole’s office. I was so intrigued by this woman whom God obviously had anointed and was using in the church in a very powerful way.”

Their level of trust and dependence upon each other continued to grow and deepen. Nicole relied heavily upon Gail’s dependability and support while Gail trusted Nicole’s wisdom and God-connection.

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