Chapter One - God Meant Us to Be

“I was growing just being her secretary. However, the day came when I resigned to be a full- time mom. She approached me one afternoon, ‘Gail, please come into my office.’ We sat down and Nicole thoughtfully began, ‘Gail, I really believe the Lord has called you to teach….’

“And my thoughts quickly responded, ‘I don’t have any type of education to be a teacher. I don’t feel qualified! Besides, there are so many other older women who should be doing this. I’m only 29.’ I heard my voice betray my thoughts, ‘Oh Nicole, I’ve always known you heard from the Lord, but this is the first time I believe you may have made a mistake.’

“Nicole laughed, ‘Gail, you go home and pray about it and see if the Lord would speak to you about this.’ I agreed. With the onset of summer, a family vacation provided an opportune time to be alone with my thoughts.

“Sitting there, staring at the ocean horizon, I bowed my head, ‘Lord, You know I have every doubt that I am not called to teach, but I believe Nicole heard from You, and if there should be evidence that You want me to teach, then please show me.’”

Gail could hardly believe what happened next. Her Bible fell open to the most confirming Word she ever experienced: Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, And whatever I command you, you shall speak (Je 1:7). That defining moment changed her life forever. Gail knew her calling was secure.

Upon her return, she sat down with Nicole and confirmed, “Nicole, I do believe that the Lord has called me to teach, but I’m not confident that I am capable—the Lord will give me the words.

Nicole countered, “Well, Gail, why do you think the Lord would ask you to teach?”

Gail pondered, “The only experience I’ve had in sharing something I’m passionate about is a study on husband-wife relationships. And that particular study changed my life.”

9:10 pm