Chapter Five - Make A Path; Leave A Trail

Because the narcissistic subconscious ego is now at the point of deflation, whether it’s just in a state of compliance or a state of surrender remains to be seen.

“So when we’re in that state of surrender, that’s the hope. That’s the gift, because it is a gift. Through our surrender we experience the presence of God, and now that we are clean, God can flow through us.” Jake understands that sponsorship in the recovery program is vital because it keeps both the sponsor and the newcomer sober by living out a surrendered life.

Through sponsorship people get to know each other at a deeper level; they find a safe haven in which to vent their feelings and experiences and as a result, the real person comes forth. People learn to love each other. Becoming who God meant you to be is a natural consequence of this process. Feeling safe enough to be yourself gives you the confidence to express what is in you. You just need to be willing.

Another defining moment for Joy was her heart being healed when she was 34 years old. She had to recognize her own willingness to do whatever it took to be part of God’s plan—to live or die. She felt how much Jesus loves her.

This significant event developed in her a strength that still supports her today. She learned to keep her priorities in balance. She didn’t sacrifice her children for the sake of ministry. Her experiences taught her how to be secure in God’s love for her; she didn’t let people dictate her attitude or actions.

When her son Tommy was not even six years old, Joy recalls an incident that challenged her church commitment. It was a defining moment for them both. Tommy came into the house, carrying a boat which was a recent gift from a friend.

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