Chapter Five - Make A Path; Leave A Trail

qualities, and God enhances those by sending experiences into life to help accentuate that uniqueness, to point it out and show the way. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. (Ps 138:8).

In her counseling, Joy found that inside each person, there is a feeling of greatness. She used to think this was just in certain people, but she learned that each person has this. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it, no matter what seems to be covering it. It only needs to be uncovered, awakened.

While living in Florida, I bought two bougainvilleas and potted them in white planters on either side of my front door, facing east. I was tired of replacing the flowers in the pots every four months, so I tried something a little more permanent, especially since my thumb isn’t particularly green. The bougainvillea blooms a beautiful fuchsia pink flower. But, the only fuchsia blooms I saw on those bougainvilleas for three years were the ones that were there when I first bought the plants. And they certainly weren’t permanent.

After the third spring, I finally gave up on those bougainvilleas at the front door, but I didn’t discard them because they weren’t dead. The landscaper said they needed to be in a sunnier spot. So I moved them to the end of the pool facing west. And sure enough, within two months, one of them started to bloom, then the other!

Hurricane Irene howled through the following October with gale force winds ravaging our property; those two bougainvilleas and a 12 foot tall 15-year-old bougainvillea in the back yard. In spite of the advice given by a nursery owner to ‘get rid of them all’ and start over, I once again chose to keep them and give them another chance. I left alone the two near the pool and had huge supports put around the old bougainvillea which must have lost thousands of flowers.

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