Chapter Five - Make A Path; Leave A Trail

hard time trusting our heavenly Father. The good news is that as we allow the process of trust to develop, God will re-create through our experiences with Him a positive God concept.

When his heart disease almost took his life, Zach encountered a metamorphosis in his God concept. The rigid, legalistic God in his mind transformed into a living, loving God through His Word, in prayer, and in the events that transformed his life. He saw how much God loved him in every detail that occurred.

Zach was humbled by what he went through and grateful for what took the place of his former life. Humility was one of his greatest lessons learned. “When I think of humility, I think of it as the 11th Commandment, in respect to God’s omnipotence and omnipresence. Being humbled brought forth in me a passionate love. I know it sounds funny, but I passionately love God.

“When we had this baby, I never thought I could love her the way I do. When I mentioned that to my wife, she made a very profound statement: ‘God loves that baby more than you do.’ I thought about that for a minute, and I thought about the expansiveness and intensity of God’s love, the love that was demonstrated when His Son was butchered on the cross. As a mere mortal thinking about how much I love this baby, to think that He has the capacity to love that baby more than I do, it humbles me.

“And to know that He personally, loves me that much intensifies and edifies my focus on the Holy Trinity and what I’m doing. It motivates me to give back and to love Him. The two commandments that Christ said were the most important are to love Him and love others. I am not a social person. I often feel uncomfortable around other people, but I love and give back because I passionately love God.”

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