Chapter Five - Make A Path; Leave A Trail

Jesus loves you so very much. There simply aren’t enough words to describe how much He cares, how far He will go, or how much He will do for you. You have to let Him. You have to experience this for yourself. Jesus’ love for you is second to none.

Defining moments show your uniqueness. A defining moment births in you a desire that determines or directs your destiny. It may be a recurring event or a one-time experience. It may be positive, but it is often negative. The decisions you make as a result may be conscious or unconscious. Regardless of what happened or whether you are aware of the decisions you’ve made as a result, a defining moment has made its indelible imprint on you.

A defining moment is like a load-bearing wall in the house. There may be more than one, but a load bearing-wall in a house is always part of the foundation and supports the structure. Just as these walls that sustain the construction of a house, there are defining moments that support the structure of our lives.

Sometimes forgotten or not realized, we eventually recall them. However, what is of paramount importance is not the event itself, but how we choose to respond to it. Choice is God’s gift to you.

Our helplessness doesn’t disconnect us from the power these events have had over our lives. In my 12 step program, I have learned my helplessness is the very thing that brings me life.

Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled. My soul also is greatly troubled; But You, O LORD— how long? Return, O LORD, deliver me! Oh, save me for Your mercies’ sake (Ps 6:2-4).

Step One: acknowledging my powerlessness over whatever rules me, that only God can restore me to sanity. But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them,

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