Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

She listened quietly to my every word, and when I was finished, she kindly replied, “Oh Lindsey! Why honey, if you told me you had killed someone, I would love you no matter what.” Her words made an indelible imprint on my soul forever. Her heart spoke louder than any

words. She knew I felt so much hurt and shame in that moment, and that’s what I needed to be set free of.

What is more outstanding is that Joy probably doesn’t even remember saying this—not because she is 86, but because this is who Joy is and God’s love just flows from her. I was being taught and healed at the same time.

“The word ‘feeling’ is woven into each memory. Children retain more from what they have sensed than from any word they have heard. It has been well said that it is not what actually happens to a child as how the child feels about it. More is caught than taught.”

6. Keep a “Yes! Now!” attitude

For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us (2 Co 1:20).

…Now is the day of salvation (2 Co 6:2).

God is a “Yes, Now” God and Joy is a “yes, now” person. I am learning to be, and I love it! Find the good and build on it now! Joy doesn’t let much grass grow under her feet. The spirit world is the present world.

So often in my more immature days, when I would start complaining about something small that seemed so big to me, Joy would listen, then as a friend and not a teacher, would reply, “Oh honey, you’ll work it out.” In other words, “Get over it. You’ll be fine.” She took the self- pity right out of me!

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