Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

I am so good at making mountains out of mole hills; I was crowding my life with unimportant things and taking the fun and effectiveness out of living for myself and my loved ones.

How important is it? If it isn’t, I will let go of it and focus on what counts and is really important. She was always finding the good, building on it, and throwing out the trash. Joy effectively showed me how to do the same.

“Ladies, we are the enhancers. We set the atmosphere in the home. Being a godly mother is not about us. We are in the family to make our husbands great. We are in the family to make our children great. When we do this it influences generation after generation, and our husbands and our children will rise up and call us blessed.”

7. God Leads me Down Unchosen Paths

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps (Pr 16:9).

Sometimes I may want to be or do something because it’s the closest thing that will fulfill my dream. Then I end up doing something different, but it’s really what I was meant to do. Because when my will lines up with God’s will, the dream becomes the calling. God was grooming me all along. Roadblocks are often building blocks for the future.

“If you really dig, and if you really listen to the things that happen to you in life, they are the things that God is using to reveal to you the direction He is taking you. If you understood the directions totally, they wouldn’t have value. But God is trying to mold the inner person, the concept, the drive, the force.

“Feeling and experiencing these things fulfills the destiny that God has for you. And as you do this step-by-step, the Holy Spirit is moving you to that defining moment. He helps you

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