Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

I am learning to be obedient, even in my lack, because when I am weak He is my Strength. He will always provide for me. “My husband Hershel was a great encourager. ‘Honey,’ he would say, ‘You can do it. You can do anything you want to.’ And to prove it, he gave me everything to do. I did everything he told me to do. I did everything but take over the pastorate!”

9. Enjoy the ride

“… in accord with the evangel of the glory of the happy God… the happy and only Potentate will be showing: He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords…” ((1 Tim 1:11; 6:15) This is the Concordant Literal New Testament translation. I like holding on to a happy God!

Joy doesn’t seem to hold on to anything too tightly, only Jesus. She is not easily offended and readily laughs at herself. Like Joy, I am learning not to take myself too seriously. I only take God seriously at His Word.

When Zach lost his health at the pinnacle of his life, the only thing he had left was the Bible. He felt it was the only thing he could turn to. God’s Word became a living breathing reality to Zach.

One night when he was deep in fervent prayer, Zach sought God. He heard a soft voice telling him not to doubt God’s words. After that night, his symptoms worsened before his heart was healed. But Zach took God seriously held on to it in his darkest moments.

Because he learned to hold on to Jesus at His Word, he doesn’t take his circumstances as seriously as he used to. He enjoys the ride more because he enjoys Jesus and abides in Him.

Joy’s son Tommy used to say in every Mother’s Day sermon, “I am half man, half woman. My father was a man, and my mother was a woman!” We embrace both our feminine

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