Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

Although each person’s journey is different, the basic fundamental needs of all of us remain constant. So many mentoring moments made engrafting life principles into my soul so simple because Joy and I enjoyed each other so much.

We continue to be the best of friends, and I listen to her with both ears open and ready. Joy and I don’t just talk. We communicate. We listen and we understand each other. Always, what amazes me the most is her humble spirit that says she still has so far to go, that she hasn’t “made it.”

Joy has fueled the fire in my soul and passed the torch of her life on to me in so many ways. I did have to be built up and mature enough to carry the torch. Jesus said, I still have many things to say to you, but cannot bear them now (Jo 16:12).

Mentoring and sponsoring share the dynamics of life flowing through relationships like an electrical current that brings light. Joy’s life manifests through me by His peace reflecting in my countenance. Last Christmas it took three extension cords to reach a tree at the end of the driveway that I wanted lit for the holidays. Jesus is the Life, and Joy and I are the extension cords that reach out to Rachel. What means the most to Rachel is lending a listening ear without any imposed judgment. Sponsorship is the same principle as mentoring and is so effective in recovery because it operates in an accountable setting. It is wise to have a sponsor who has a sponsor because then they are dealing with their issues and not keeping it in the dark. We are only as sick as our secrets, so keeping our behavior accountable [[needs to be said like this]], especially where it has been dysfunctional, keeps us healthy mentally and spiritually. Sponsorship is such a prime example of spiritual growth and fruit bearing because it operates in a secure setting and you have to make a conscious commitment. Often Christian discipleship fails when there is the start of a good friendship but no follow through.

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