Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

With two very dear Christian friends, we covenanted our relationship. We made a conscious commitment to each other, discussed the consequences, and agreed years ago to be there for each other. From the beginning, it was the right fit for the three of us. We have a lot in common: a deep and lasting love for Jesus, similar value systems, children, kids’ activities, working husbands while we’re stay at home moms, Bible studies, shopping, lunches, volunteers at school, church and wherever else God wants us.

We go to different churches and live in different places, but are close and loyal to each other without control, gossip or condemnation. We listen with a lot of love and understanding and without judgment, give each other permission to fail, encourage each other, experience the good and bad consequences of our decisions, and help pick each other up. We don’t talk about each other behind each other’s backs, we go to straight to each other when we feel the need, work through any issues without letting them fester.

We’ve mentored each other in those areas wherever whoever has experience, maturity, strength and hope. These deep fulfilling relationships have made life much more meaningful for us together and individually, keeping us close to each other and closer to Jesus.

My 12-step program taught me that alcoholism’s influence [[needs to be said as is]] is contagious. So is recovery. Joy’s wisdom and love was and continues to be contagious. I have caught so much love and wisdom from her in our friendship over the years and have passed it on to my loved ones and friends.

We remember what we see longer than what we hear. Michael Deaver, one of the most successful Public Relations mavericks, was paid well to make President Ronald Reagan look good. He knew people would remember what they saw far longer than what they heard. He

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